Monday, April 24, 2006

fj cruiser

fj cruiser

Toyota has introduced an all-new 2007 fj cruiser.
fj cruiser improves on all the attributes its loyal owners
have cherished in past models.
Add a personal touch to your cruiser with Toyota options and accessories.
Remember, 2007 fj cruiser vehicles are built with popular option combinations

Catalog price for fj cruiser Standard
$18,445 MSRP [1]

Catalog price for fj cruiser LE
$19,545 MSRP [1]

Catalog price for fj cruiser SE
$20,375 MSRP [1]

Catalog price for fj cruiser XLE
$22,795 MSRP [1]

For details on 2007 fj cruiser, contact your Toyota dealer.


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Blogger bernie said...

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